Semi-Private Training

About Semi-Private Training

Semi-private sessions are available for all training programs.


  • Camaraderie
  • Safety
  • More Economical
  • Adherence
  • Support
  • Motivation
  • Fun

About Semi-Private Training

Semi-private training at Precision Wellness consists of small groups of up to 4 individuals participating in 55-minute sessions. Workouts remain personalized for each participant through the modification of exercise selection, rest periods, and weight.

Why semi-private?

Semi-private exercise sessions allow you the opportunity to stay focused on your fitness goals, while adding the support and camaraderie that comes with working out alongside others. The small size of a semi-private session still allows Todd to closely monitor your form and answer your questions, while adding in an aspect of friendly competition that can enhance the level of your workout and just might motivate you to push yourself a little harder!

Semi-private sessions may also provide participants with a lower-cost option, when compared to private training sessions.

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