What Our Clients Say

Life-Changing Fitness Starts Here

Good Health, Steady Balance


“We have no doubt that Todd’s targeted training regime has had a positive impact on our continued excellent health, steady balance, and general well-being.”

Joel & Dyann

Strength for Life


“…I can carry 50 lb. bags of potatoes at the food pantry, and I’m confident that these legs of mine aren’t going to give out anytime soon. Living strong is a way of life, thanks to Todd.”

Sheila Z.

Overcoming Knee Replacements


“I’ve been able to work with Todd for several years and couldn’t be more pleased. During that time, he helped me increase strength before and after knee replacements, adapted my workouts quickly to any injuries or issues, and encouraged me to contact him between sessions.”

Craig d.F.

Life-Changing Fitness


“I love the motivation of small group training classes they offer and sometimes choose one-on-one sessions. It’s been life-changing. I am getting stronger every day.”

Tiffany G.

Better Physical Well-Being


“I cannot say enough how much his training and guidance has meant to me in maintaining and improving my physical well-being. Todd emphasizes strength training, but his methods also improve balance and mobility.”

Mark W.

Form & Safety


“…I have never felt better. He carefully plans and explains each session thoroughly—what, how, and why. He corrects my form to ensure I experience maximum strength building while avoiding pain and injury. He assesses my progress and suggests changes based on his evaluation..”

Scott D.

Physical Confidence


“I wanted to gain strength after a knee replacement, and combat osteoporosis… Today I am way more confident in my body while exercising and doing daily activities…!”

Sue R.

Empowered Through Fitness


“I feel a lot stronger and more fit and am able to do exercises that I never imagined I would be able to do, plus I feel and look better and am more self-confident.”

Maria C.

Bone Density and Outlook


“When I started working with Todd in 2016 (at the age of 54), I had no idea what I was doing. But my osteoporosis doctor had recommended strength training, so I gave it a try. Best decision ever! Todd has always been patient, kind, and encouraging. He is a professional and emphasizes proper form. In addition to making me stronger, my workouts have greatly improved my mental outlook. Todd is truly a blessing!”

Jennifer P.

Detailed Planning


“My wife and I have had Todd as our personal trainer for more than 8 years. He is OUTSTANDING! Todd always comes to our sessions with a detailed plan of how he wants to spend his time with me. He explains the reasoning behind what we are doing and is always encouraging.”

Bernie E.

Strong After Surgery


“He gave me my life back! Todd developed and executed a plan that has strengthened my core and has gotten me to the point of walking normally without a limp… I gained enough upper body strength to get through the non-weight bearing periods and now my lower body has gained the same strength.”

Maggie H.

Improved Weight & Health


“I am stronger than I ever thought I could be at my age (mid-60s) and feeling great. My blood sugar is much lower, and I have lost 50lbs. Todd gives me the motivation (which I need) at each session and really challenges me. He knows what he’s doing, he’s encouraging and is fun.”

Barb P.

Impressive Coaching


“Todd is a pleasure to work with and has produced great results. He knows when and how hard to push. He carefully explains what we are doing and what each routine is intended to accomplish.”

Pat R.

Mental & Physical Strength


“I have been training with Todd for over 8 years! Todd always makes the workouts fun; he is very encouraging and sensitive to the direction we need to go to build my body and mental strength.”

Barbara G.

Working Around Pain


“I’ve often been surprised by what I’m capable of doing and have increased both my strength and flexibility more than I anticipated.
Todd is very knowledgeable about alternate exercises or methods and helps me find a way to complete my exercises without any pain.”

Sara d.F.

Post Shoulder Surgery


“I have had two shoulder surgeries as well as a broken elbow in the past and Todd was able to customize a program that got me back on track without re-injuring myself. Thanks to my training program I feel better and stronger as ever.”

John C.

Strength for Osteoporosis


“Todd has put me on the right track for weight training after an osteoporosis diagnosis. He is so kind and patient in teaching me the right exercises and the proper form in executing them.”

Suzanne M.

Hip & Knee Replacements


“I am an 81-year-old woman with artificial hips and artificial knees. I have worked with Todd for over 10 years with a focus on strength, balance, and flexibility. Todd is very punctual, respectful, pleasant, and kind. He is aware that my physical condition can vary from time to time and plans exercises accordingly. ”

Linda E.

Comprehensive Programs


“My husband has blossomed under Patty’s care. He is stronger and has better balance and endurance since she has been working with him. We are so grateful for her training!”

Delores W.

Better Bone Density & Health


“I have had two shoulder surgeries as well as a broken elbow in the past and Todd was able to customize a program that got me back on track without re-injuring myself. Thanks to my training program I feel better and stronger as ever.”

Carol R.