1-on-1 Training

About 1-on-1 Training


  • Get individual attention
  • Be stronger
  • Improve balance
  • Gain stamina
  • Move better
  • Be independent

At Precision Wellness, Todd and Patty create personalized workout plans to improve your strength and fitness so that you can confidently live the life you want to live. Whether that means traveling, hiking, playing with the grandkids, carrying all the groceries on one trip, or living free of pain or without the fear of falling, the tried-and-true Precision Wellness Method will help you reach your goals just as it has done for so many others.

By thoughtfully blending resistance and aerobic exercises, Todd and Patty help you enhance strength, bone density, balance, flexibility, coordination, and overall energy levels. Their finely crafted programs emphasize safety and effectiveness, taking into consideration physical concerns like osteoporosis, arthritis, joint replacement, and back, hip, shoulder, or knee pain. Don’t hesitate to schedule your strategy session today!

What Our Clients Say

Increased Strength & Flexibility


“I’ve often been surprised by what I’m capable of doing and have increased both my strength and flexibility more than I anticipated.

Todd is very knowledgeable about alternate exercises or methods and helps me find a way to complete my exercises without any pain.”

Sara d.F.

Bone Density and Outlook


“When I started working with Todd in 2016 (at the age of 54), I had no idea what I was doing. But my osteoporosis doctor had recommended strength training, so I gave it a try. Best decision ever! Todd has always been patient, kind, and encouraging. He is a professional and emphasizes proper form. In addition to making me stronger, my workouts have greatly improved my mental outlook. Todd is truly a blessing!”

Jennifer P.

Better Physical Well-Being


“I cannot say enough how much his training and guidance has meant to me in maintaining and improving my physical well-being. Todd emphasizes strength training, but his methods also improve balance and mobility.”

Mark W.