Specialized Training for Optimal Aging

About Specialized Training for Optimal Aging

Available 1-on-1 or  Semi-Private


  • Be stronger
  • Improve balance
  • Gain stamina
  • Move better
  • Be independent

As a licensed Occupational Therapist and Certified Functional Aging Specialist in Columbus, Ohio, Todd has the unique qualifications and expertise to help you improve your health and fitness levels. His background as both a personal trainer and occupational therapist enables him to effectively work with physical concerns of the hips, back, knees, and shoulders, as well as health conditions such as osteoporosis, diabetes, and arthritis. He carefully considers all of these factors when creating personalized workout plans for you. Research has shown that improving strength, stamina, balance, and flexibility can begin at any age. Todd will guide you in achieving these results in a manner that is safe, enjoyable, and effective, helping you to maintain your ability to participate in the activities you enjoy late into your retirement years.

What They’re Saying

Client Testimonials


Bernie | 84

“My wife and I have had Todd as our personal trainer for more than 8 years.  He is OUTSTANDING!

We highly recommend him to anyone looking for a trainer with extensive experience working with people ages 65 and up.  I am 84 and consider him ideal for someone my age.

Todd’s most notable strengths are: exceptionally knowledgeable, careful listener, organized, creative, open-minded, sincere, encouraging, and great communicator.

Todd always comes to our sessions with a detailed plan on how he wants to spend his time with me.  He explains the reasoning behind what we are doing.  He is always encouraging.  He never criticizes or makes fun of my mistakes or weaknesses.  I especially appreciate the fact that every session is different from the last one.

Above all, Todd is a wonderful person.  He is thoughtful, open, trustworthy, very likable, and always open to feedback. In summary, I highly recommend Todd without reservation.”

Mark W.

Mark W. | 77

Goals: Increase strength, maintain muscle, balance, and mobility

“I am a 77-year-old male who has been training with Todd for over seven years. I cannot say enough how much his training and guidance has meant to me in maintaining and improving my physical well being.

Todd emphasizes strength training, but his methods also improve balance and mobility. His exercise routines are constantly changing to improve strength in all areas but not to become boring or repetitive. One impressive aspect about Todd is his continuing education in personal physical training and wellness. His knowledge of the needs of senior citizen's bodies as they age is exceptional.

Todd has helped me to stay committed to caring for my body and personal health. Hopefully, we can be training together for another seven years.”

Maggie H.

Maggie H. | 72

Goals: Pre/Post Foot Surgery Strength, Improve Balance, Improve Core Strength, Lose Weight

“I highly recommend Todd Zody and Precision Wellness! I am halfway into my 4th year of training sessions with Todd and to put it simply: HE GAVE ME BACK MY LIFE! I started with the goal of strengthening my body, especially core, and was hoping for some weight loss as a benefit of exercising. I had always just walked for exercise but needed more. Shortly after starting I found I needed foot and ankle surgery which turned into a 3 yr. event with multiple surgeries and a tough time even walking short distances. Todd developed and executed a plan that has strengthened my core and has gotten me to the point of walking normally without a limp and without an uneven stride. Through his training exercises and motivation, I gained enough upper body strength to get through the non-weight bearing periods and now my lower body has gained the same strength. I am back to taking walks and look forward to my training sessions. We have continued with FaceTime sessions during the shutdowns this year. Sure has helped me through the shelter at home phase. When asked, Todd has also provided insight into dietary tips. With his encouragement after I started WW and my now love for exercise, I have lost more weight than I thought possible.”

Barbara G.

Barbara G.​ | 85

“I have been training with Todd for over 6 years! Todd always makes the workouts fun; he is very encouraging and sensitive to the direction we need to go to build my body and mental (can do) strength. Because of COVID-19, Todd made it possible for his clients to train from home via Face Time. I can’t thank him enough for making this possible.”

Patricia R.

Patricia R. | 72

Goals: Pre/Post Knee Surgery Strength, Strength & Posture, Increase Stamina

“As a ‘well-seasoned client’ (i.e. I was around for Elvis and The Beatles), I am so very pleased to recommend Todd Zody, with whom I have had the pleasure of working for over half over half a decade! Todd is both a total pleasure to work with and always produces superior results. He completely familiarized himself with my body and therefore knows when and how hard to push (and when to grow stern). Those attributes are his strengths and would be difficult to duplicate with another trainer. Moreover, I must have the “mental connection” I get that with Todd! He carefully explains what we are doing, what each routine is intended to accomplish and its importance. In summary, if one is looking for a really great person to work with, look no further than Todd!”

Carol R. | 72

Goals: Increase Strength, Lose Weight, Improve Bone Density and Balance, Reduce Blood Pressure.

“My 72nd birthday will be in two days and with Todd’s guidance together we have achieved: 1) A 35 pound weight loss and lower BMI from overweight to optimal; 2) Lowering my blood pressure to optimal and reducing my hypertensive medication from 20mg twice a day to 10mg once a day; 3) Reducing my cholesterol from high to optimal; 4) Changing my blood work from pre-diabetic to optimal; 5) Reversing a bone density diagnosis of osteopenia (pre-osteoporosis) to normal for my age and gender and 6) Improving balance and core strength to prevent falls. Todd emails articles to his clients on the latest findings in improving your health, e.g. reducing the risk of heart attacks and stroke with exercise and changes to your diet resulting in less illness. Together we have achieved all my fitness goals in one year, which allows me to maintain my health and independence. Todd has my highest recommendation.“

Linda E. | 81

Goals: Improve strength, balance, and flexibility with artificial hips and knees.

“I am an 81-year-old woman with artificial hips and artificial knees. I have worked with Todd for 8 years with a focus on strength, balance, and flexibility. Todd is very punctual, respectful, pleasant, and kind. He is aware that my physical condition can vary from time to time and plans exercises accordingly. Due to the pandemic, I have been exercising via Facetime. Todd works with the equipment I have at home and has been very innovative and creative. I highly recommend Todd as a personal trainer.”

Darlene Y.T.

Goals: Maintain strength, balance, and flexibility.

“Maintaining strength, balance, and flexibility as I age were my training goals when I started working with Todd. I was concerned because I couldn’t squat to get something from a bottom shelf without pulling myself up with the countertop or, more embarrassingly, grocery shelf. I didn’t like to exert myself and was in almost constant pain from fibromyalgia and arthritis.

Todd designed a comprehensive program specific to my needs and as I progressed, he changed things up to keep it interesting and challenging – but safe. He’ll keep you strong and healthy but won’t let you hurt yourself, I promise!

UNEXPECTED BONUSES: reduced pain in daily life, full recovery from a rotator cuff injury, and getting to those bottom shelves – and up again”

John M.

John M. | 76

Goals: Maintain Strength, Balance, and Flexibility with Age

“As a personal trainer, Todd is a motivator, encourager and teacher. His workouts are tailored to my individual needs and are diverse and challenging. Always looking for new and improved ways to work with clients, Todd is everything one could hope for and expect from a trainer.”

Suzanne M.

“I am 62 and just found out that I have a mild case of osteoporosis. This shocked me as I have been a runner for years. I assumed running would protect me from that. I know the importance of strength training, but I was inconsistent in pursuing it. Todd has put me on the right track for weight training after an osteoporosis diagnosis. He is so kind and patient in teaching me the right exercises and the proper form in executing them. He has provided me with a detailed workout program that I will be able to follow at home for years to come. He is awesome!"