Specialized Training for Health Conditions

About Specialized Training for Health Conditions

Available 1-on-1 or  Semi-Private

Suitable Health Conditions

  • Osteoporosis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Low Back Pain
  • Diabetes
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Stroke
  • Cancer
  • Obesity
  • And More

Overcoming physical limitations and health conditions can seem daunting when it comes to strength training and exercise. However, with personalized modifications to exercise selection, range of motion, intensity, rest, and more, it is possible to achieve the same health and fitness benefits as those without limitations. At Precision Wellness, we offer customized workout programs that are safe and effective for individuals with health conditions, joint replacements, or post-
rehabilitation needs.

Precision Wellness Approach to Post-Rehabilitation & Joint Replacements

Precision Wellness is not a substitute for physical or occupational therapy, but it is an excellent option once you have completed these services. With changes in reimbursement rates, it is possible that you may be discharged from therapy before achieving your desired level of strength and fitness. Whether coming back from injury or building back after a joint replacement, our team at Precision wellness is trained to continue the progress made in therapy and help you reach your strength and fitness goals.

What They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

Sue R.

“The goals I wanted to achieve when I began working out with Todd were to gain strength after I finished PT from total knee replacement and to combat osteoporosis, while taking my low back pain into consideration. Todd designed workouts that not only met those goals but as an awesome bonus helped me with movement anxiety I developed after having my knee surgery...” “…Today I am way more confident in my body while exercising and doing daily activities because of him! I cannot express how grateful I am!”

Suzanne M.

“I am 62 and just found out that I have a mild case of osteoporosis. This shocked me as I have been a runner for years. I assumed running would protect me from that. I know the importance of strength training, but I was inconsistent in pursuing it. Todd has put me on the right track for weight training after an osteoporosis diagnosis. He is so kind and patient in teaching me the right exercises and the proper form in executing them. He has provided me with a detailed workout program that I will be able to follow at home for years to come. He is awesome!”


John C.

John C.

My husband and I have been training with Todd for several years now. We have used a few other trainers, but none have been as knowledgeable and as encouraging as Todd. I have had two shoulder surgeries as well as a broken elbow in the past and Todd was able to customize a program that got me back on track without risk of re-injuring myself. I also had a case of vertigo two years ago and he incorporated exercises that were targeted at gaining my sense of balance again. Thanks to my training program I feel better and stronger than ever. If you want the best, then Todd's your man!


Dan B.

“I have spine problems, and Todd understands. In addition to being a trainer, Todd is an occupational therapist. He consulted closely with my doctor to determine the safest, most effective workout routine for my rickety constitution, and now I'm making much more progress than I thought possible. Besides which, Todd is very easy to get along with. He's a sane, well-grounded individual in a crazy world. Thank you, Todd, for all your help.”


Linda Erven

“I am an 81-year-old woman with artificial hips and artificial knees. I have worked with Todd for 8 years with a focus on strength, balance, and flexibility. Todd is very punctual, respectful, pleasant, and kind. He is aware that my physical condition can vary from time to time and plans exercises accordingly. Due to the pandemic, I have been exercising via Facetime. Todd works with the equipment I have at home and has been very innovative and creative. I highly recommend Todd as a personal trainer.”



“In under 2 years of working with Todd, I am able to garden without almost any back pain and have gone 18 months without visiting the doctor for my back issues. I now have the strength to carry yard waste, bags of dog food, and groceries with ease. Exercise also tends to lift my mood!"


Maggie H

Maggie H.

“I highly recommend Todd Zody and Precision Wellness! I am halfway into my 4th year of training sessions with Todd and to put it simply: HE GAVE ME BACK MY LIFE! I started with the goal of strengthening my body, especially core, and was hoping for some weight loss as a benefit of exercising. I had always just walked for exercise but needed more. Shortly after starting, I found I needed foot and ankle surgery which turned into a 3 yr. event with multiple surgeries and a tough time even walking short distances. Todd developed and executed a plan that has strengthened my core and has gotten me to the point of walking normally without a limp and without an uneven stride. Through his training exercises and motivation, I gained enough upper body strength to get through the non-weight-bearing periods and now my lower body has gained the same strength. I am back to taking walks and look forward to my training sessions. We have continued with FaceTime sessions during the shutdowns this year. Sure has helped me through the shelter-at-home phase. When asked, Todd has also provided insight into dietary tips. With his encouragement after I started WW and my now love for exercise, I have lost more weight than I thought possible.”