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  • Gain strength
  • Lose weight
  • Improve health
  • Gain confidence

Transform your body and reach your fitness goals by training with Todd. As a certified exercise physiologist and licensed Occupational Therapist, he designs sessions that target strength, body composition, and physical conditioning through a blend of resistance and aerobic exercises. Whether you’re looking to gain strength, lose weight, improve health, or prepare your body for daily activities, Todd will create an individualized plan that is tailored to your specific goals. He applies proven principles to make your training experience both enjoyable and effective, and with his expertise as an Occupational Therapist, he is able to safely train clients with physical limitations or health concerns.

What They’re Saying

Client Testimonials



Goals: Improve Overall Health, Lose Weight, Feel More Confident

“My fiancé & I worked with Todd for the past 6 months and he tailored all the workouts exactly to our fitness goals. He is super informative and professional. If we needed anything tweaked because of injury or soreness he is preventative and will provide accommodation. He is friendly, approachable and super easy to work with. He really held us accountable but not in an overbearing way! As a result of working with Todd, I lost weight, went down in pants size, and improved my numbers with the doctor! Woohoo!”

Barb P.

Barb P.

Goals: Increase strength, lose weight, lower blood sugar

“In 2017 I started working with Todd not only as my personal trainer but also as my health coach. Present date... I am stronger than I even thought I could be at my age (mid-60s) and feeling great. My blood sugar is much lower and I have lost 50lbs. Todd gives me the motivation (which I need) at each session (2x week) and really challenges me. He knows what he’s doing, he’s encouraging and is fun. If looking to get stronger, healthier, or just overall feel better about yourself I would strongly recommend Todd"

Teresa S.

Teresa S.

Goals: Improve Body Confidence, Feel Good About Self, Lose Weight, Feel More Confident in Gym

“I’ve been working with Todd Zody at Precision Wellness for a year and a half. Before starting with Todd I had zero physical fitness or nutrition experience and was clueless on where to start. As a young woman with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and a thyroid disease I wasn’t even sure that reaching my goals was possible. The first day I met Todd he asked me ‘Why do you want this? What do you want to focus on?’ and he challenged me to think outside of the box instead of just focusing on weight. My goal in the beginning was simple – weigh less than I did when I started. Then overtime while working with Todd I learned so much that my goals continued to change. My goal became to lose 100 lbs and then when I reached having lost 70 lbs my goal became to get stronger. Todd supported me, encouraged me and helped me change my entire outlook on myself, physical fitness and nutrition. While working with Todd and excelling in my goals I set with him I also began to excel personally. I was more confident, had tons more energy and put my best foot forward everyday and all that led to a huge opportunity being offered to me at work. Needless to say, this man and his program have helped me in every aspect of my life. I would recommend him to anyone and will continue to work with him myself.”

Dan G.

Dan G. | 58

Goals: Improve Muscle Mass, Improve Strength, Reduce Body Fat, Reduce Waist Circumference

“I have been training with Todd Zody for about 5 years. I’ve had other trainers before him, but what I like so much about Todd is that his approach is not cookie-cutter. He listens, ask questions and gets a great understanding of where you are and what you want to accomplish!! He helps to develop a plan and how to execute! I have been very successful with Todd and highly recommend him!”

Jennifer P.

Jennifer P. | 58

Goals: Increase Bone Density, Improve Mental & Emotional Outlook, Increase Strength

“I was 54 when I started working with Todd. I have osteoporosis and was told strength training was a must. Never having been in a gym before, I had absolutely no idea where to go or how to get started. Todd could not have been more patient, encouraging, or kind.  He places a great deal of emphasis on proper form. From the beginning, my goals have been (1) to build muscles that will strengthen my bones and (2) to improve my mental/emotional outlook. I can honestly say that after working with Todd for the past four and a half years, there has been tremendous improvement in both areas. Working with him keeps me motivated and challenged I can also honestly say I have never stuck with anything this long. Working with Todd has truly been a blessing!”

Chad E.

Chad E.

Goals: Improve Muscle Mass & Physique, Increase Strength

“I’ve always struggled with body image and acceptance, that’s no secret. Always felt like a skinny runt. I think that’s part of my drive to keep completing marathons … because that, more than anything else, has made me feel accomplished and exceptional and worthy. Last July, I started working with personal trainer Todd Zody. I had worked with other trainers in the past and not seen much in the way of improvement. I still struggle with motivation and letting perfection be the enemy of the good. But then there are moments like tonight, when I looked in the mirror after my arm workout and thought ‘Holy s***! Is that me?’ I never expected at the ripe old age of 47 to actually feel a moment of pride and unmitigated happiness looking at an image of myself. Thanks, Todd, for pushing me and encouraging me on days when I don’t feel I can do much.”

Sheila Z.

Sheila Z​.

Goals: Improve Strength, Increase Mobility, Become Familiar with the Gym & Working Out

"Almost nine years ago, I walked into a gym and inquired about a trainer. Todd happened to be right there… all these years later, it is still a match made in heaven - I may never have Julia Roberts’ physique or Simone Biles’ abilities, but I can carry 50 lb. bags of potatoes at the food pantry, and I’m confident that these legs of mine aren’t going to give out anytime soon. Living strong is a way of life, thanks to Todd."

Kerry N.

“Todd has been amazing in helping me to start weight training with proper form. He is extremely knowledgeable with fitness and health in general and has great communication skills! I decided to work with him after observing him with working with other clients at the gym. I was impressed with how he works with them and the relationships he builds with his clients. I feel so much more confident in what I'm doing at the gym to gain strength properly. I would highly recommend him to anyone!​”